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Fact: Research has shown that exercise can significantly decrease the chance of recurrence among cancer patients!

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InnerStrength of Bayside has supported a number of brave women and men in their quest to conquer cancer. For many years, Clinic Director and Physiotherapist, Luci Minogue has taken a special interest in cancer rehabilitation, being the first Pinc provider in Victoria. At InnerStrength of Bayside, she delivers Pinc (for women) and Steel (for men) Programs to women and men diagnosed with cancer, helping them regain their physical strength, improve their body confidence and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle. These programs are a complementary blend of clinical pilates style exercises, physiotherapy, massage, stretching and breathing techniques. Pinc and Steel help improve quality of life for cancer survivors and aid to reduce the side effects of treatment.

Download the link below to listen to our Pinc and Steel Physiotherapist Luci Minogue be interviewed on 3AW by Dennis Walter on the benefits of Pilates for cancer patients.


P = represents the Physiotherapists that deliver the program
I = represents Individualised sessions
N = represents Nurturing to reclaim quality of life
C = represents Cancer Rehabilitation

Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation programs accommodate all fitness levels and are suitable for anyone recovering from cancer to help improve quality of life and reduce the side effects of treatment.

Click on the link below to watch an inspiring video to see what Pinc participants can do!

Watch these two videos with patient interviews from women who have gone through the Pinc program.

The Pinc & Steel programs aim to help women & men

  • regain strength, flexibility and confidence in their body
  • improve stability and posture
  • ease pain and muscular tension
  • minimize weight gain and improve bone density
  • learn new exercises to enhance their recovery after surgery and prevent long term problems
  • increase energy levels during and after cancer treatments
  • achieve their own fitness goals with an individualised, safe training program
  • gain a sense of control and boost the spirit

When you join the Pinc or Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Program, you will have a 1 hour long initial assessment with Luci, which is then followed by individual half hour sessions. Options after these individual sessions are to either continue on an individual basis or else join a Group Physiotherapy exercise class.

These sessions are claimable on private health or else with medicare if you have an EPC referral from your GP.

Please refer to www.au.pincandsteel.com for further information and if you need to apply for funding for the program.


IMPORTANT: Before participating in group physiotherapy classes you’ll need to complete a 60 minute individual Pinc/Steel assessment.